We are currently developing a fashion app called ifashionup which will be applied on mobile operating systems with the following specific functions:
After obtaining your face photo and information, ifashionup will create your 3D image. Then, depending on your purposes of use such as attending an event, going to school, going to work or going out, etc. ifashionup will recommend clothes fitting your created 3D picture, to make you confident with your fashion style and personality.
If you have not felt satisfied, ifashionup’s fashion stylists will directly advise you what to wear, how to create a fashion style to match your personality and the event you will attend. If it has still not satisfied you, our designers will create the most suitable clothes for you only.
You can also go to the fashion store to find and try clothes and accessories on your 3D photo, to see if they suit your style and financial capability. If yes, you can order via phone at the best price, even cheaper than market prices.
We would like to express our gratitude for comments of users, fashion stylists, designers and producers to develop ifashionup to better meet your fashion needs !

Information related to the application

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